① DISCOVERY: identify the opportunity →

② RESEARCH: macro to micro →

③ STRATEGY: from pre-launch to scaling to sunsetting → 

④ WHITEBOARD: and get the whole team involved ⇄

⑤ APP/SITE MAPS: what are we building →

⑥ USER FLOWS: how will people use it →

⑦ WIREFRAMES: consider both design and functionality →

⑧ HIGH-FIDELITY MOCKS: make it beautiful →

⑨ PROTOTYPE: for testing, marketing, and stakeholders →

⑩ USER TESTING: never skip this step ⇄ 

⑪ ITERATE: rinse and repeat until it truly works, delightfully →

⑫ DEVELOP: build it, ship it, celebrate; then — analyze and improve.


Sample Project: iOS app


Content and digital strategy, market analysis, user research and design an iOS app for a specialty care package ordering and delivery service.


  • Target audience: unwell/incapacitated customers
  • Select, customize and order products quickly and efficiently 
  • Sort large variety of products into the simple, short menus 
  • Interfaces must be clear and intuitive
  • Fun, pleasant onboarding process and instructional text
  • Optimal experience for both new and returning customers


  • Sole researcher / designer on project
  • 2 weeks for research (online surveys, in-person interviews)
  • 6 weeks for design and testing
  • Post-its, index cards, sketches, Photoshop, Omnigraffle, Invision


Research analysis, personas, content strategy, user flows, wireframes and working prototype.


User Research

The initial surveys revealed a number of fascinating insights:

  • which products users would want to order
  • which situations they would use the app in
  • what were the pain points and moments of delight 
  • what the app could do to turn first-time users into repeat customers

I used the research data to create personas and design a product strategy around the most high-demand items and services. 

Market Analysis

As there were a number of various delivery apps already available in the metropolitan NYC area, it was important to ensure the services offered would be unique and unmatched.

I conducted a thorough market analysis by using competing services and interviewing users of these services about their experience with them.

Usability Testing

In order to get the most out of in-person interviews during the user research phase, I created hand-drawn paper prototype screens.

Then I worked with interview subjects to observe user interaction and get their feedback on:

  • screen transitions
  • usability
  • accessibility
  • look and feel of the app design

Site Architecture

As the app caters to users who are not feeling well, it was particularly crucial that the ordering and checkout experience be extremely simple, intuitive, and fast.

I organized the products and services into small, easy-to-browse groups through card sorting and user interviews in order to create the perfect user flows

User Flows

The final streamlined user flow became a simple 6-click "happy path" from opening the app to checkout.


Once the site architecture was set, I created and annotated detailed wireframes of all the app screens in Omnigraffle. 

Click the < > arrows below to browse:


Finally, I created a working prototype in inVision for:

  • usability testing
  • developer reference
  • presentation

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